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rudy lombard woolworths.jpg
This is a 1960 photo of New Orleans CORE chairman Rudy Lombard outside of a Woolworth's store on Canal Street in New Orleans during CORE's demonstrations against the department store chain. After he was arrested, his case went all the way to the…

This is the 1961 arrest photo for CORE member George Raymond as a Freedom Rider in Jackson, Mississippi. At the time, he was only 18 years old.

A member of New Orleans CORE, he went on to become a field director for CORE in Mississippi…

new orleans CORE.jpg
This is a photo of members of New Orleans CORE including many of its original members.
Left to Right - George Raymond, Carlene Smith, Thomas Valentine, Jill Finsten, Doratha Smith, Jean Thompson, Patricia Smith, Alice Thompson, _______, Betty…
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