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louisiana story 1963 james farmer.pdf
This is the pamphlet "Louisiana Story 1963" published by CORE. It details CORE's actions that year to fight against racial discrimination in that area. It also discusses why CORE's national director James Farmer did not speak at that summer's March… Struggle for Fair Housing Rights in LA.pdf
This is a 2022 article on Los Angeles CORE by Dr. M. Keith Claybrook, Jr. focusing on its efforts to de-segregate housing.

The mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America.pdf
This is a .pdf version of Prof. Hugh Wilford's book "The Mighty Wurlitzer : How The CIA Played America" (click on the image to bring it up).

I am posting it here because recently Dr. Wesley Muhammed, PhD, of the Nation of Islam did a…

mckissick malcolm x.jpg
This is a April 1963 photo of Malcolm X with Floyd McKissick (center), then CORE's national chairman. On the other side of McKissick is Walter Riley, chairman of the local Durham CORE chapter. The photo is from when McKissick debated Malcolm X in…

Ruth Turner.jpeg
This is a photo of Ruth Turner Perot, executive secretary for Cleveland CORE before she and her husband Tony Perot went on to work for the national office. Both were members of the National Action Commitee.
"The first lady of Black Power", not…

kentucky core.pdf
This is a journal paper on CORE chapters in Kentucky by historian Gerald Smith.

clarence lang articles st. louis core.pdf
These are two journal articles on St. Louis CORE and an offshoot group of the chapter, ACTION (Action Committee to Improve Opportunities for Negroes). The articles, "Black Power on the Ground: Continuity and Rupture in St. Louis" and "Between Civil…

malcolm x vs. August meier.pdf
This is a 2020 article on a 1962 debate between CORE historian and member August Meier and Malcolm X at Morgan State University, a historically Black college in Baltimore, Maryland where Meier was a history professor. While the article is not too…

This is a photo of Dr. George Wiley. A former chemistry professor at the Syracuse University and Cornell graduate, he was one of the founding members of Syracuse CORE. In 1964, he became CORE's associate national director, second only to James…

wretha wiley.jpg
This is a 1973 photo of Syracuse CORE member Wretha Wiley walking with her children. Wiley was the wife of CORE associate director Dr. George Wiley and the mother of 2020 NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley seen in the left side of the photo holding her…
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