photo of Ruth Turner Perot, Cleveland CORE

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photo of Ruth Turner Perot, Cleveland CORE


This is a photo of Ruth Turner Perot, executive secretary for Cleveland CORE before she and her husband Tony Perot went on to work for the national office. Both were members of the National Action Commitee.
"The first lady of Black Power", not only did she play a crucial role in getting Floyd McKissick elected as national director, as his special assistant, she also played a large part in defining and articulating CORE's philosophy of Black Power. It is unclear if there was another woman who was a national leader during the Black Power movement that predates Ruth Turner. Gloria Richardson of the Cambridge Movement retired from activism before Black Power proper. Kathleen Cleaver and Elaine Brown from the Panthers came after.
Turner is also credited by CORE historians August Meier and Elliot Rudwick with playing an essential role in having original Freedom Rider Jim Peck fired from his position as the long time editor of the CORElator.


Ruth Turner Perot



Ruth Turner Perot


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