FBI documents on CORE member Bayard Rustin

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FBI documents on CORE member Bayard Rustin


FBI documents on CORE


This is a collection of FBI documents pertaining to Bayrd Rustin, CORE's first field secretary and long time member of its Board of Advisers. They have been released and made available to the public on the FBI's website.

The first set (1126895-000 - 100-158790 - Section 7 -865724) is rich in biographical detail, and demonstrates the degree to which Rustin was being monitored and under surveillance
Several other CORE members such as East River CORE's Blyden Jackson are mentioned as well as other civil rights leaders. It also
details his debate with SNCC's Stokely Carmichael at Hunter College on December 14, 1966.

The second set (1126895-000 - 100-158790 June Mail - Section 1 -882089) comes under the subject heading of Communist. Rustin was not a communist but did spend a short time as a member of Young Communist League in the 1940's. The documents also note how his home was bugged and his telephone tapped.


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