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This is a photo of New Orleans CORE chairman Oretha Castle. One of the chapter's founding members, she was also part of landmark 1
case, Lombard, et al v. Louisiana, after being arrested during the chapter's demonstration against Woolworth's…

Doris Jean Castle, CORE MEMBER, removed from City Hall in 1963 demonstration after refusing to leave council chamber. Courtesy New Orleans Ti.jpg
This is a 1963 photo of New Orleans CORE member Doris Jean Castle being removed by police from a demonstration at the local City Hall.

This is a photo of New Orleans CORE chairman Jerome Smith (Black) and CORE field secretary Edward Blankenheim (White) as Freedom Riders.

jerome smith-julia aaron-DJ Castle.jpg
This is a photo of New Orleans CORE members Jerome Smith, Juila Aaron and Doris Jean Castle (left to right) standing on Canal street in New Orleans. Standing all the way to the right is Reverend Avery Alexander,

new orleans CORE.jpg
This is a photo of members of New Orleans CORE including many of its original members.
Left to Right - George Raymond, Carlene Smith, Thomas Valentine, Jill Finsten, Doratha Smith, Jean Thompson, Patricia Smith, Alice Thompson, _______, Betty…

This is a mugshot for Bayard Rustin, CORE's first field secretary and long time member of its Board of Advisers. At the time, he was serving an eighteen month sentence at Lewisberg Federal Penitentiary for refusing to be inducted into the military. …

bill bradley.jpg
This is a photo of San Francisco CORE chairman Bill Bradley. He was arrested for picketing the Sheraton- Palace Hotel as part of a campaign against its 'discriminatory hiring practices'. (

He has since changed his name to Oba…

may (some March) 1961 fbi.pdf
This is a collection of FBI documents on CORE from 1961. They primarily pertain to that year's Freedom Rides. These documents make clear that the FBI was aware of what was going on from the very beginning every step of the way.

The majority…

1960 fbi.pdf
This is a collection of FBI documents from 1960 pertaining to CORE. It speaks to the Bureau's increasing concern (as well as that of the general public including a U.S. Congressman) with the possibility of CORE being infiltrated by the Communist…

core fbi 1950's.pdf
This is a collection on CORE from the 1950's. Among other things, it points to one of the good things about the FBI's surveillance of CORE - because the FBI went to great lengths to collect and preserve CORE flyers, pamphlets, letters and literature…
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